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Yarden Gutman is an interior designer with a master's degree in interior design, leading design projects and with extensive experience in designing and designing private homes and luxury apartments. 


Graduated from the School of Design and Innovation - the College of Management and Holon Institute of Technology - HIT.
M. Des Interior Design & Visual Communication

Occupation -

2015 to the present an employee of "Eng. Rina Gutman - Engineering Consulting" who engages in engineering consulting, Accessibility, Project Support, Tama 38. As part of my work at the Ministry, I am involved in:

- Management and accompaniment of projects for urban renewal, including evacuation of construction and TAMA 38, including with local authorities.

- Preparing plans for obtaining a business license.

- Advising and granting access to a permit for a business license, building permit, receipt of Form 4, a final certificate.


Interior Design

I work as an interior designer. Perfect design starts with proper planning. The firm's specialization is manifested in a wide range of fields, with the main function of which is architectural design - houses / apartments / offices / commercial / public buildings. 

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