Land in the doorway

Private home planning-

Designing a private house on a vacant lot.
Planning on an Existing Basis.

The planning process includes several steps:

  1. Developing a vision of planning and design with the client

  2. Goal Setting - The planner with the client.

  3. Overview of the existing state - the state of the field and the formulation of changes and additions.

  4. Examining different alternatives.

  5. Conduct a permit application, which includes running the required consultants.

  6. Interior design of all private home spaces - lighting, furniture and accessories.

Also, I work as an interior designer.

Perfect design starts with proper planning.
The firm's specialization is manifested in a wide range of fields, with the main function of which is architectural design - houses / apartments / offices / commercial / public buildings.
In my work you will find a great deal of thought for combining the functional and the artistic with the aim of bringing the desired result to the customers.

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