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interior design

Planning | Design | Home Styling

In this service, you will receive the full envelope, starting with understanding the needs and desires and then formulating an idea and design style and from there going into planning, escorting the selection of finishing details with the various suppliers, supervision of the construction process, design and styling of furniture, lighting, accessories, matching colors and materials until the end of the process.

architectural planning

Perfect design starts with proper planning.The firm's specialization is manifested in a wide range of fields, with the main function of which is architectural design - houses / apartments / offices / commercial / public buildings.In my work you will find a great deal of thought for combining the functional and the artistic with the aim of bringing the desired result to the customers.


Consultation Meeting

A consultation meeting is suitable for customers who are interested in guidance/focus for formulating a design idea, in the consultation meeting I will recommend to you what can be done in the space you wish to change, which materials should be used, a budget for the project will be built and I will direct you to suppliers where you can purchase furniture/lighting/accessories and finishing details. After this meeting you will have the tools to start independent planning.

Realistic simulations

With the help of realistic simulations, you will be able to see the final, tangible picture that is closest to the reality of the construction and the combination of materials in the final design, in every part of the house and outside it. Architectural planning and an interior design procedure with the help of simulations is the perfect way to know what is going to happen even before anything has started, preventing problems that may arise during construction and renovation. Interior design simulations are the best way to choose the design that suits your desires and needs and achieve the most optimal results.

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