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1. Architecture 

In order to make buildings habitable and comfortable, the architect must control the effects of heat, cold, light, air, humidity and dryness and predict destructive potentials such as fire, earthquake, flood, etc ...


Leads design projects and has extensive experience in planning and designing private homes and luxury apartments. The designs combine clean and practical planning that meets the various needs of the customer in order to bring the desired result.

Private house planning-

Designing a private home from scratch
Planning on an existing basis

The planning process includes several steps:

- Development of a vision of planning and design in front of the customer

Setting goals - the planner with the client.

- An overview of the existing situation - the condition of the field and the formulation of changes and additions.

Examining various alternatives.

- Management of permit applications, including the operation of the required consultants.

- Interior design of all private home spaces - lighting, furniture and accessories.


2. Interior Design

The space of the house should be arranged in the maximum way according to the comfort and use of the "staff" of the house. Interior design psychologically affects the feelings of the people who live in it. Therefore the colors, arrangement and furniture should be precisely tailored to the people in a specific way. I am attentive and understand the desires, habits and needs of my clients.


My guidelines are meticulous design, which comes from thinking about the user experience while creating a functional, meticulous and aesthetic space. The workflow begins with understanding the space, understanding the user, preparing initial sketches for customer approval, preparing work plans and quantity statements for execution, selecting professionals, selecting materials and accompanying stores, supervising a selected area and finally selecting complementary products and styling.

The firm's specialization is reflected in a wide range of areas, the main role of which is architectural design - houses / apartments / offices. In my work you will find a lot of thought for the functional and artistic combination in order to bring the desired result to customers.


3. 3D Modeling

Before you build your home, let me prepare simulations that reflect your design ideas so you can be sure it's what you wanted.


The firm specializes in creating realistic computer simulations and interior design and real estate design for architects, interior designers, developers and private clients. I believe that computer simulations are an important component in the success of any project. Whether at the beginning, during or after the project, this tool has a great impact On planning decisions or planning and marketing to potential customers.

Architectural Illustrations -

Structure modeling - building a three-dimensional model

- Dressing the space - furniture and texture

- Lighting - Option for daylight or sunset lighting

Adding marketing effects

- Prepare for format as needed (digital | print)

3D sales plan

Home interior simulations

External imaging to illustrate the property

Architectural design video simulation


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